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Christ-Centered Education of the Whole Child

We know that Immanuel is truly a special place and we want to shout it from the rooftops, so we started a podcast! Join us for our very first podcast series, Christ-Centered Education of the Whole Child, and listen in as several of Immanuel's teachers and administrators share why it is Immanuel's mission to educate the whole child. Principal Donna Laughlin kicked off the series with an overview of Immanuel's educational philosophy. Tune in to hear from classroom teachers as they share their thoughts.  Available on Anchor and Spotify at


Minivan Messages

Kids can have serious questions about life and friends that challenge even the most experienced parent. These messages by the pastors, teachers, and ministry directors at Immanuel can help equip children for living in today’s word. If you want to give your kids a leg up in the world today based on solid truths, this is a great place to start. Available on Spotify and on Podbean at


Immanuel Voices

Life is full of joy and challenges and some pretty scary stuff. These weekly messages by the pastors at Immanuel can provide hope, and help, and comfort as you make your way through. If you are looking for answers or seeking serenity based on solid truths, you will find them here. Available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and on Podbean at