Anyone who has been around a toddler knows that one of the key questions to learning and growing is, “Why?” Those who have been around a toddler asking “why” questions realize that this question can lead you down a rabbit hole of whys. For some reason, after a certain point in an individual’s faith development, he or she stops asking why. They simply chalk up what they do not understand as a matter of faith and stop wondering. However, God knows that one “why” often leads to another, and soon deep and important questions are being asked. These questions, while certainly matters of faith, have deep and important answers.





Advent Worship Dec. 6, 13, and 20, 3:45 and 7:15 PM

Advent Dinner served between services


Christmas Eve worship, 4, 6, and 11 PM

Christmas Day worship, 9:30 AM


This Advent Immanuel takes a slightly unusual path to the manger, beginning with the question, “Why did Isaiah go when God called him?” This question is then followed down the rabbit hole of whys. Why did Nehemiah go to Jerusalem? Why was his heart broken? What did he hope to accomplish? Why is this connected to Christmas? Why did Mary say yes to Gabriel? Why does her relationship with Joseph actually grow stronger? Why does God send her to Elizabeth? Why did Mary go?

This trail is followed until the question, “Why did Jesus leave the comforts and joys of heaven to go to earth?” This is the critical Advent question. Why would the King of heaven leave its perfection for such a corrupt place as this? Was He angry and coming to set things right? Was He coming to formally lodge His complaint against humanity? Was He coming to declare His sovereignty and reign over His creation? Was He coming to reclaim what was rightfully His? What motivated Him? Anger? Jealousy? Compassion? Love?

Once it is understood why Jesus came, the question becomes about the shepherds who, having found the Son of God in a manger went back into the world. Why did they go? Why not stay with Jesus? Why not protect Mary and assist Joseph? What did they hope to accomplish? Why did they go? Why should today’s Christians go?

This Advent Immanuel returns to that child-like faith Jesus commends and begins asking why again. Come on this journey of discovery and witness faith and trust in God grow in preparation for the coming of the New Born King.


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